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Season One Episode Three~ The Ticket Master

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1 Season One Episode Three~ The Ticket Master on Sun Dec 18, 2011 11:07 pm

The episode begins with Twilight and Spike helping Applejack with her apples. Spike suddenly coughs up a scroll, which is a letter from Princess Celestia. The letter has two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala in it. The Grand Galloping Gala is the fanciest event in Equestria.

Twilight faces a dilema, as there is only two tickets; One for her and another for a friend. The problem is, she has five friends, and they all have perfectlly good reasons to go.

Applejack wants to go so she can sell apples and get money for Granny Smith's hip replacement.

Rainbow wants to show the Wonderbolts her signature move there so she can join them.

Pinkie wants to go because, well, she's the party pony. Why wouldn't she?

Rarity wants to go to meet the Princess' nephew, who's a prince, and marry him.

Fluttershy was basiclly forced into asking by Angel, her pet rabbit, but she does want to meet all the woodland creatures at the Gala gardens.

Twilight starts to freak out trying to decide who to give it to. After a series of acts of bribery, Twilight tells the ponies that she just can't decide because they all have good reasons to go.

The five ponies feel empathy towards Twilight and modestly give up their tickets-Except for Rainbow Dash who brags about the ticket being hers, but with the ponies giving her a look of anger, she gives them up, making up an excuse for it.

Twilight sends the tickets back and writes a letter to princess Celestia;

"Dearest Princess Celestia. I am writing to you because I cannot decide who to give the tickets to. So, I am giving both tickets back" - Twilight writes as the ponies gasp - "because if all of my friends can't come, then I won't go either"

After the letter is sent, Twilight recieves another letter from the princess, which has seven tickets in it - one for all six of the ponies and Spike.

Friendship report: Twilight learns that sharing is ok, but only if there's enough to go around. It wouldn't be near as good if one friend isn't apart of something while the rest are.

Did you like this episode?

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Eh, this one kind of dissapointed me. I felt like the only person with a good reason to go was Applejack

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