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Season One Episode Two~Friendship is Magic Pt 2

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After the princess has been kidnapped by Nightmare Moon, the six ponies have to venture out and save her. Twilight says that to save her, they need the six elements of Harmony, though they only have five. A legend says that when the five are together in a tight spot, the sixth element shall be revealed.

Going on their journey, they encounter many obstacles. There's a cliff in which Twilight falls into, only to be saved by Applejack. Applejack tells Twilight to trust her and let go. Reluctantly, she does and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy catch her.

Another obstacle is a large shadow scares the ponies into almost turning back, however, Pinkie tells the ponies, in song, to "Giggle at the ghosties" and the shadow turned out to be a tree.

Then, Rainbow Dash got seperated from the others by a cloud of dense fog. Three pegasi walk up to her, explaining that they are the Shadowbolts, claiming they are much better than the Wonderbolts (Wonderbolts being RD's favorate group of hero Pegasi) Rainbow had to choose between her friends or a dream, and she said, and I quote ,"You...THANK you, that is, but I'd never leave my friends behind!"

Then there was a manticore roaring wildly, making the others almost turn back if it weren't for Fluttershy walking up and taking out a splinter from the manticore's paw. Fluttershy replies to Twilight ,"Sometimes all everypony needs is a little love"

After seeing a sea serpent crying over its lost half of its mustache, Rarity offers her beautiful tail to the ea serpent, in which it lets them through.

Funally arriving at where they think the Princess is, they set the elements together, though it failed. Twilight then gets separated from the others in a castle in which they entered. Nightmare Moon appears and Twilight almost gives up hope, had it not been for her friends calling out to her. A spark of "magic" gleams in her eyes, and Twilight figures it all out.

"Those items aren't the elements of Harmony; me and my friends are! Applejack, who told me to trust her into letting go, represents the spirit of Honesty! Rainbow Dash, who never left us behind, represents the spirit of Loyalty! Pinkie Pie, not being afraid to giggle at the ghosties, represents the spirit of Laughter! Rarity, who gave her precious tail to the sea serpent, represents the spirit of Generosity! Fluttershy, who helped the manticore with its splinter, represents the spirit of Kindness! And when my friends all came looking for me, that showed me that they really were my friends and sparked the magic inside of me. I represent the sixth element, the spirit of MAGIC!" Twilight says (What a mouthful).

As the six regroup, they use the Elements of Harmony to defeat Nightmare Moon, which turns Nightmare Moon back to good, making her Luna. It is then revealed that, after Celestia appears, Luna is Celestia's sister. Luna starts to cry, apologizing in sobs.

After all of this, Twilgiht says she has to go back to Canterlot. the Princess sees the friendship the six have and allows Twilight to stay in Ponyville if she writes all about her life lessons of friendship to the princess. Twilight, estatic, replies yes without hesitating.

What did you think of the episode?

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This was the one that got me addicted.

I think it's the same for my nephew, too.

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When my cousin and I first watched this, we screamed out each element and my mom came to see what was wrong ^^

Ah, good times...

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