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Season One Episode Four~Applebuck Season

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1 Season One Episode Four~Applebuck Season on Tue Dec 20, 2011 8:47 pm

The episode starts out with Applejack and her brother out in Applebuck acres. Her brother, Big Macintosh, tells her that Applejack has to buck all the apples for the season, since he has been injured. She accepts, but Big Mac warns her that it would be too much work for one pony, but Applejack says she can do it all herself.

Meanwhile, in Ponyville, a herd of cattle rampage towards the town. Applejack notices this and, with the help of her pet dog Winona, she herds all the cattle away from Ponyville.

The citizens are grateful for this and they decide to award Applejack with a little ceremony and a trophy. At the time it happens, Twilight wanted to give a speech about Applejack's bravery, but keeps on getting interrupted by her friends.

When Applejack is called up for her trophy, she is nowhere to be found. She then arrives late and starts to act...well, disoriented and like Pinkie Pie.

Later, Rainbow Dash wants Applejack to help her catapult and perform tricks, but Applejack ends up harming herself and has difficulty hearing.

Twilight goes over to Applejack when she's apple bucking, telling her that she needs help with it. Applejack stubbornly says she doesn't need any help.

Later that day, Applejack goes to help Pinkie Pie make cupcakes, but since her hearing is off, she messes up the recipe. She puts potato chips instead of chocolate chips, normal soda instead of baking soda, sour lemon juice instead of flour, and earthworms instead of wheat germs. She ends up making baked bads, which makes half of Ponyville sick, except for Spike, who actually likes it.

Twilight goes to Applejack again and again offers to help, but Applejack still says no.

Later that same day, Applejack and Fluttershy are gathering bunnies to count the bunny census. Applejack becomes harsh at the bunnies, forcing them to come out, which scares them and makes the bunnies run through Ponyville, eatting all of the plants and making the ponies citizens panic.

Twilight, after seeing all of this, goes to Applejack a final time, telling her that she needs help. When she says this, Applejack states that she has bucked the last tree without anyone's help. big Mac comes and says that she only did half of it all, and Applejack faints from sheer exhaustion.

When she awakens, she finally accepts Twilight's offer, getting all the apple bucking done with her friends' help.

Friendship Report: Applejack learns that it is OK to accept help as it is to give it.

What did you think of this episode?

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